Ice Cream


1 quart Homemade Sour Cream
1 quart Homemade Yogurt
1-3-1/2 cup Raw Honey (depending on desired sweetness)
Pinch of Unrefined Sea Salt
1 Tablespoon Non Alcoholic Vanilla
4 Raw Eggs yolks and whites separated

Place sour cream in 2 quart ice cream maker mix for few minutes.
Add vanilla, salt, and honey, mix for a few more minutes.
Add yogurt and let it all blend together for 5 minutes.
Beat egg yolks until they are fluffy and add to ice cream maker with rest of mixture, let mix for another 10 minutes.
Beat egg whites until frothy and add to ice cream mixture.
Let all mix together in ice cream maker until desired consistency.


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1 Response to Ice Cream

  1. joegergen says:

    Sour cream ingredient is intriguing. Long live ice cream.

    Here’s an ode to ice cream:

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