Brown together in a pan:
2 lbs. grass-fed ground beef
1 Medium or Large Onion
4-6 Large Cloves of Crushed Garlic

In large kettle combine:
2 Tbsp. Tallow (I use the tallow on top of my bone broth)
1/2 Cup Grass-Fed Butter
1 Quart Beef Bone Broth
2 Quarts of Stewed Tomato’s
1 Quart of Tomato Juice
1 teasp. Tumeric
1 teasp. Chili Powder
1/4 teasp. Ginger
1/2 teasp. Paprika
1/8 teasp. Cumin
1/4 teasp. Cinnamon
1/8 teasp. Ground Cloves
Dash of Nutmeg
2 Cups Properly Prepared White Navy Beans

When the meat is browned, add to kettle with rest of ingredients and simmer on low for 45-60 minutes stirring occasionally.

Top with some sharp cheddar cheese and a dallop of sour cream.

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