Citrus Beet Kvass

photo (3)

2 medium organic Beets
2 large organic oranges
1 Tbsp. Sea Salt
1/4 cup Whey (Made from yogurt or kefir or culture starter mixed according to directions.)
Filtered Water
2 quart glass Mason Jar

Scrub the beets clean and quarter.  (Do not grate it will cause fermenting too quickly.)
It is not necessary to peel the beet but you can if you want to.
Place the beets into the jar add salt, and whey.
Cut the oranges into quarters and add to jar.
Fill the jar to top leaving about a half of inch from top.
Cover (not to tightly) and ferment in a warm area for 2-5 days.
(Typically I leave mine for 3 days.)
Transfer to refrigerator.
When the beet kvaas is almost empty (about 2-3 inches on bottom) fill it again with filtered water and repeat fermenting process and transfer to fridge again.
I can usually use my beets about 3 times.
I only use oranges 2 times.

This is a wonderful refreshing recipe.
A great alternative to regular kvass.


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