Soaked Nuts & Seeds

photo (2)

4 cups Nuts or Seeds (preferably raw and organic)
1 Tbsp. Sea Salt
Filtered Water
Dehydrator or oven (if using oven, use unbleached parchment paper on cookie sheet)

Place nuts or seeds in a large bowl and cover with filtered water to  immerse them.
(They do expand so allow about 2 inches of extra water on top.)
Stir in sea salt and cover with plate.
Allow to soak in warm spot overnight or up to 12 hours.
(If soaking cashews do not allow them to soak longer than 6 hours they become mushy and slimy.  Peanuts and pine nuts should soak 12-24 hours.)
When soaking time is complete drain the nuts and rinse well with clean water.
Spread the nuts on dehydrator trays and dry on 105 degrees or place in oven on the lowest setting until completely dry and crispy.
Store a cool dark area in an airtight container.


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